FAQ & Info

What will there be to do/see/enjoy at MINECON?
We will have tons of panels, lots of exhibitors showing off cool things they are doing with Minecraft, and a bunch of interactive attractions during the event. Saturday night there will also be a party for everyone who attends MINECON. For some ideas of what happens at MINECON see the YouTube videos from our last one.
Will there be a costume contest this year?
Absolutely! We love having people show off their creativity when it comes to their Minecraft costumes. There will be prizes and accolades for the best of the best. Here is a video of our costume contest from the last MINECON.
Is my ticket valid for both days?
Yes. The ticket is for both Saturday and Sunday and to keep things simple we don’t offer individual day tickets.
What do I need in order to buy tickets?
You will need a valid credit or debit card and the name and valid *email address of each individual ticket holder ready to go before you begin the purchase process. *Your cape will be issued via email after the event.
What are the age restrictions?
Any child aged 3 and under will be admitted for free. Children aged 14 or under must be accompanied by a parent or *guardian and both the child and adult need to purchase a ticket. Young people 15 years and over are allowed to attend the event alone as long as they have a ticket.

* To qualify as a guardian you need to be 18 years old or above
Can I sell my ticket to someone else if I can't attend?
Nope! You can request a refund and those tickets we will resell at a later date! This will keep it as fair as possible.
Can I buy a MINECON ticket just to get the fancy cape?
We want all tickets to go to people who will come and enjoy the event, so only people who come to MINECON will get their cape. When you arrive, we scan your ticket, and only scanned tickets will get a cape.
I'm taking my daughter/son/nephew/neighbour to MINECON but I'm an adult and don't play Minecraft, do I need a ticket for myself as well?
Yes you do! We have players of all ages and we have events and things to do for everyone (even a bunch of cool panels for parents of Minecrafters) so all attendees will need to purchase a ticket.
What if I miss out on tickets or can't make it all the way to London?
Worry not! We will have an amazing live stream that will run during the entire convention. We'll be streaming the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as some of the coolest panels! Information on the live stream will be announced before the event. Afterwards, all the panels will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, as well as some videos we make capturing some of the fun of the event.
How can I book hotels?
MINECON has reserved a special block of hotel rooms at various locations. To make a booking, click here, alternatively you are free to book your own accommodation elsewhere.
Can I amend/refund my ticket?
The deadline for changes & refunds is the 19th June, please ensure that you contact us prior to this date to make changes or request refunds.


Please reach out to minecon@multiplay.co.uk if you have questions regarding the event. Remember to include your order number if you are enquiring about your tickets.

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